My Background as a Gamer

If I’m going to talk about gaming I think its important that you know about my background as a gamer.

As a gamer I mainly player D&D. I started with 2nd edition when I was in grade 5 or 6, and moved to 3rd edition when it came out. When I read the PHB it felt like D&D made sense now- no more arbitrary race/class restrictions or maximum levels, I played a small amount of D&D up until 2002 when my father and I joined the Living Greyhawk campaign. We got heavily involved in that and to this day the vast majority of my gaming experience is with Living Greyhawk, and with the end of that campaign I moved to Living Forgotten Realms.

Which, yes, means I’m a 4e supporter (It’s ok, you can put down the flamethrowers…please…). I don’t agree with everything it does, but I’m enjoying it more then 3e when I can find a good adventure. (Adventures should be more then 3 fights and a skill challenge people!)

In the past I’ve also enjoyed playing Call of Cthulhu (CoC), and a game in the Alternity system. I did find that CoC’s combat system was too jagged, and Alternity was overly complex in terms of character creation. Nevertheless I enjoyed both, and am running an ongoing CoC game if I could ever get the  players together.

I’ve played around on Play By Forum (PBF) in a number of systems on and find that I enjoy description heavy games when I can take ten minutes to write my response and such—I’m not a improve specialist able to pull perfect prose off the top of my head.

In the past I’ve bought a lot of gaming books, but found I didn’t use the 3.5 ones as I could never trust there balance, and didn’t use the d20 Modern ones because the core game was so unbalanced. I have a number of other books and such that I never got around to funning or resting so I’ve been cutting back on my purchases: So far in 4e all I have is: 3 core books, PHBII and Arcane power. Oh…and a DDi subscription. What I do like purchasing is adventures as I don’t have a talent for writing them, and I’m likeing the new Dungeon magazine for that: The old Dungeon mods I played never felt very good to me, though that could just be bad examples.

I’m currently running a game of 4e at dndorks with some more information at in another thread . I’m currently full on players but I’ll be sure to advertise openings here. However my digital paramour, Ada, is recruiting a serenity game and I’d like to point you all in her direction.

As I’ve mentioned it, I’d like to point you all at It was one of the first gaming webcomics, and while its kinda been wandering around for a bit its forums are an excellent place to run games. I joined it far to many years ago (the date it says in the forums is a lie) so don’t look at my early posts….I was just finishing grade 9 at the time. Annnyyyway there is an amazing silverlight mapping tool  I’m using now and they keep adding more PBP/PBF features so if your thinking of running a game online I encourage you to check it out.

Anyway, that’s my gaming past. I think I’ll write about my views on the different editions of D&D at another time. See you later my friends, and until then, Stay Geeky!

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  1. Coming over here from Twitter to cheer your gloomy ass up ;)

    I’m a little jealous of your gaming past. I honestly never even heard of DnD until high school and didn’t start playing until college. I also like 4e, so you’re not alone. I mean 3.5 is also fun, but 4e is really awesome for recruiting new blood.

    • Thank you very much! Sorry for being so gloomy! I didn’t play much D&D until high school, just…3 or 4 sessions? 3e came out when I was in grade 7 or 8. I didn’t start playing on anything resembling a regular basis until I started doing Living Greyhawk in 2002. A couple years in we wound up getting VERY heavily involved in the campaign (my father authored a series of Ket modules.) I haven’t been able to play NEARLY as much since I entered university, my studies take too much of my time, so I don’t even have a 4th level LFR character yet.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I’ve really appreciated yoru feedback since it helps inspire me to make the pbp tools better. Keep up the blog :)

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