The Power: A Sample Party

So I really need a name for this setting (I am terrible at naming things) so hit me with ideas please.

Anyway, as promised a sample party and setup:

Alright now I’m going to try to implement all of this:

Lets start with a modern setting since that was my original idea. Lets take a sample part from D&D: Fighter, Thief, Wizard, Cleric.

The city is breathing more easily. For weeks it has bee held in terror by a killer known to kill his victims in a ritualistic manner. However the work of a heroic police officer has ended the reign of terror of this madman. The aftermath of this encounter however is still unfolding as four people find themselves awakened to a new world.

  • The fighter is a cop. A couple weeks ago he was responding to reports of a break-in when he was attacked by a deranged man with a knife. During the struggle he shot and killed his assailant who was latter found to be a serial killer that had been on a killing spree. Shortly after that he finds himself able to do acts he hasn’t been able to do since he was in his 20s, and some things he wasn’t able to do even then.
  • The thief is a catburgler who was robbing an old mansion on the edge of town. When she picked up a strange gold vase she felt a surge of power through her. Exploring deeper in search of more valuables she came upon a room in which a bloody ritual had recently taken place. At the same time she hears movement in another part of the house. Attempting to leave with haste she comes face to face with the killer. With strength and speed that surprised her she drove her fist into his face and escaped out a second story window. She contacted the police as soon as she was out resulting in our intrepid police officers encounter with the killer.
  • The wizard is an analytical chemist who specializes in obscure forms of spectroscopy. He was contacted by the police to analyze a sample they had retrieved from the site of the serial killers latest murder that their crime labs had been unable to make head or tails of. While experimenting the substance suddenly exploded under what should have been completely safe conditions. He should have been killed but woke up unharmed. Since then he has found himself in possession of odd powers. Being a man of science he has attempted to quantify and explain them, and is starting to develop crude equations to qualify them even as he hides them from the world fearing their response.
  • The priest was the Chaplin on duty at the St. Marie’s Hospital when the only victim of the killer found still alive was brought in. His only words were to request a priest, and he died in the chaplains arms. Since this incident the priest has found the hand of god more visible in the world, and that some of his prays are being answered in a rather direct fashion.

So now we have our party. They are each contacted an elderly man who offers to explain what they have been experiencing. He explains that they have each come into a spark of life and that there are some, such as the killer who hunt it. He warns them that the killers victims included most of the hero’s who defended the city. With them dead many lesser hunters will emerge, targeting those with some spark such as himself first, and working up to those with more of it such as our heroes.

Ok, a touch clumsy as an introduction. Now I need an adventure. I’ll outline that next time.

Oh, I’ve also set this to delay posting until tomorrow at 5:30pm as more people will see it on twitter then. What do you think the best time would be for me to aim for?

Until then: Stay Geeky

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