Help me make rules for my games

I want you all to help me make rules for my roleplaying games. For the players I mean, not rules to use in game.

When I set up my last PBP (Which is still ongoing at DnDorks. Oh and I’m looking for a new player if anyone is interested.) I wrote the following. (Warning: Spelling errors ahead)

Player Rules:

Player Rules:
Please refrain from:
-Be evil
-Be chaotic stupid
-Work against the party for no reason
-Be lone wolves unable to work with a group
-The character must confirm any preexisting mental disorders with the DM. I can tell you now: Serial killers will not be allowed. Star pack warlocks are encouraged to be creative.

Self interest is allowed, but downright evil is not. Your character can be an infernal warlord looking for power. You cannot however steal children in the night and sacrifice them to get it.

And after a couple of bad experiences….if you go around randomly murdering NPCs thats your choice. However there *will* be appropriate in game results.

I should also note that I don’t like cheating, but for the most part will trust players to tell me the right rules and such.

Basically all this can be summed up as: Be a team player, Don’t be a dick and I expect you to be a hero or antihero, not a psycotic murderer

Now I’m not trying to be a tyrant or anything I’ve just had players ruin a game in past, when they got bored with it or whatnot. If your bored then TELL ME WHY and I’ll do my best to fix it. Don’t light a dry field that the party is standing in the middle of on fire, lure more undead to them, and dive into wells looking of a major artifact. (Yes these are all things I’ve seen….by one player) And these are all pretty flexible. If you want to roleplay a character thats secretly evil talk to me, we can prob work something out. Same with mental disorders. If you want it for RP reasons, talk to me. Just seen a lot of players us ‘becase I’m CRAZY’ as a reason.

But I felt I didn’t quite get my point across. I had a similar bad experience yesterday and was hoping people would help me refine these so I could write them up for my next game. Now, most of these will have to be altered from D&D to CoC but I want to know if the base rules make sense before I work on them more.

Oh and I’m adding another one: No Rape. It goes under no evil really, but I thought I’d make it clearer.

Thank you for your help. Until next time, Stay Geeky.


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  1. I think those seem fine. What was the “bad experience” you had recently like? Then we’ll know what other rules need to be concocted. But so far those seem pretty encompassing.

    Just so you know though – no amount of etiquette rules is going to stop: a) misunderstandings, b) mistakes or c) genuinely terrible players. Having the rules is good, but they won’t always prevent awkward or bad moments. So trying to write the best etiquette you can may not pay off at all.

    • Two players new to roleplaying last night. One was playing a gentleman thief who carried chloroform to knock people out without killing them, the jokes were a touch much for me.

      The bad experiences mostly date back to high school games, CN characters who would stab anyone who they disagreed with and ‘had to because it was there alignment’, rouges who HAD to try and steal EVERYTHING in town, etc. Standard stupid high school games.

      • Perhaps then a “maturity clause” would be good. After all, there’s proper places and times for sophomoric humor; playing an RPG doesn’t have to be one.

        • Yes, that is what I’m looking for, I just can’t figure out how to word it. English I am good with, people less so.

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