You All Start In A Tavern

It is a fantasy cliche that the adventure starts in a tavern as is the tavernkeeper being a retired adventurer. The first is often derided for the randomness and the careless way it throws PCs together, the second is simply overdone. On the otherhand, if you are a midlevel fighter who is starting to get on in years, or took an injury that is ending your career (Look at football players and such, how often do you hear about career ending injuries?)

There was an adventuring company many years ago. They went by the name ‘The Lucky Bastards’ and lived life in a dashing manner, partying and fighting and saving the day. Until that last adventure. They lost the bastard’s leader when she stayed behind to give the others time to escape. They did escape, but they just couldn’t bring themselves to live as they had before. So they took there money and went to a crossroads that they’d past by many times. There where 4 members of the band left now, Randle the warrior and his new wife Emerald the ahem, rouge. They used there combined shares of the treasure to build an inn as they new this spot was far from any comfortable lodgings. Azmuth the wizard was the worst shaken by the tragedy and he constructed a small tower. While he found solace with his freinds he was never the carefree, womanizing young man he had been. Quill was the oldest of the group and had been considering retiring anyway. She simply moved the location of the shrine she had been building to be with her freinds and now provides a location for pious travellers to worship the gods of light. Dunkig the Crimson was uable to return to his Dwarven homlands (the reason he had become an adventurer in the first place) so he set up a small forge beside the inn, providing horseshoes and nails to many a grateful traveller.

Over the years Randle and Emerald have had a couple children, Azmuth took an apprentice and Quill took in a young man who she trained in the worship of the gods. In a few generations this spot will likely be a healthy young town. However as of late there have been less people passing through and money is tight. Prehappes these young adventures could go and retrieve some treasure that was cached by the Bastard’s years ago. Then a chest of coins too heavy to carry and not worth the trouble would now give the inn and blacksmith another couple seasons in the black. Or prehappes they could head down the road and find outwhy less travllers are coming? And roads go in 2 directions….4 potential adventure right there. Small adventures, but I’ve always preferred those.

Another thing: A few years back Azmuth left. Telling the others he had something to do he left and has not been seen since. Recently the group got a letter from him asking for help quickly….

So yes, I think I’d like to be in a group with this type of background. What about you?

Until next time, Stay geeky!


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  1. Sounds lime a great place to start with people that are new to any style / system of RPG.

    • Agreed. Could be a good base of operations for a low level party. Besides the hooks mentioned above, the inn is in a remote area so simply exploring the wilderness could bring the party to many entry-level adventures that are already published.

  2. I like it!

    My favorite starting point was in a tavern… (flashback…)

    “you are all in a tavern. It is full of other would be adventurers. They are all dual-wielding rangers that wear hooded cloaks and try to look ominous in corners of the room. The corners are very crowded. What would you like to do?”


    “Too late! The all simultaneously attack you in hopes of gaining XP and taking your belongings.”

    Haha, this campaign was mostly to warn us not to play like retards. Lesson learned!

  3. It makes sense to start adventures in taverns; they’re natural meeting points, after all. But whilst I wouldn’t be quite as blunt as d20plusmodifier, I also find the best way to deal with the cliché is not to use the tavern a staging area for the adventure, but make it the setting for the first encounter.

    • I actually did that in my last game, it worked pretty well. “bored bored cliche…what do you mean thugs are dragging a young man across a table and pulling knives” *Paladian makes perception check* “HE’S WEARING THE HOLY SYMBOL OF MY GOD? CHARGE”

      I should write a post on other meeting places that could work. Coffee shops would be perfect except Shadowrun overdid them, Roman Bathhouses, that sort of thing.

      Oh wait…except that I fail at finding those kinda places in real life so I’m hardly qualified… Good post for someone else though.

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