More Advantages for BRP

Here are some more advantages for the BRP system, they follow the same rules as the ones I did last time. Speedholes are holes in your car caused by small objects passing through it at great speed.

Rise to the challenge.
You work best under pressure
Benefit: gain +5% if you are working at half your skill or more due to difficulty.
Limitation: cannot help with impossible (1% chance) tasks

Eyes Wide Open
Sleep? Isn’t that a totally inefficient substitute for caffeine?
Benefit: you only need half as much sleep as normal to function without penalty

Better? I don’t give a damn.
Others tell you your gun is inferior to something else. You don’t give a damn.
I’d you constantly use a weapon that is inferior to a comparable weapon that you could use and there are no other advantages to using your choice of weapon (keeper’s discretion) you gain +1 damage with that weapon.

Chairs and table-legs!
You’ve been in a barroom brawl or three
You do +1 damage with improvised weapons.

Some call you a filthy dirty pervert, you just think you are sexually open
Benefit: gain +10% to hit when using a bondage device as a weapon. Under certain circumstances you may gain a +15% to seduce like minded people. You gain a +20% to restrain people.

Drop the fracking hammer. (Pedal to the goddamn metal?)
“Great, more speedholes”
Benefit: add 10kph to your vehicles top speed provided it is under attack.
Limitation: this does not make it any easier to drive at such speeds.

It’s just a flesh wound
“see? Just a scratch…now let me outta here doc!”
Benefit: add one point to the number of HP healed whenever you regain HP.

Live for the Thrill
Yes, I am just that damn awesome
Benefit: each time you succeed on a skill check you had less then a 5% chance of succeeding on regain 1 sanity point

Anyway sorry for the short post but I’m very tired and the net is unstable, so I’m not going to add to it. On the upside, only one more post to meet my goal of one post every week all month!

Until next time, Stay Geeky.


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