A Thank You To @MassTwitFic

This is a thank you to a very special person. Without him/her I would not have gotten addicted to Twitter and thus would not have fallen in love with @dorfird/Ada. I am speaking of @MassTwitFic who has amused us with the fun little fiction games I play from time to time. One year ago today, having been inspired by #wotw2 (War of the Worlds 2) a event where we all pretended Martians where invading (s)he  started the first #tfe or twitter fiction event. In it a small group of people pretended to be trapped in a robbery. Since then there have been 2 spinoffs, many events and fun had by all. I made the very first tweet in it.”Grah, spent all my cash at the phonix, got to get more- hate paying with plastic, takes too long #tfe” What? I needed a reason to goto the bank so we could have me trapped there for a robbery.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank @MassTwitFic and informe them that they should check their email as there is a  gift card for the local Amazon site in your inbox. Thank you ever so much.


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  1. Muchos Gracias Canageek! It’s been a rollercoaster year and I’ve loved the breadth and creativity of everyone who’s been a part of it. The inventive twists that take place in and around twitter fiction events often leave me speechless with the things you guys come up with! How cool that you were the first! A worthy initiation! I’m delighted to hear how it impacted you and @dorfird’s relationship, you are two very special people. And, ((thank you)) for the card.

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