My Absence

I’d like to apologize for my longest ever absence from the blog. I know you don’t want excuses, but hey, it is my blog! I was quite tired from biking to and from work and additionally I was working on a full length adventure, so what time I did put into the blog wasn’t visible. I tried to get going again and got one post up, but after no one commented I got busy with other things and well, here we are now.  I’m going to put the adventure on hold for a little bit to get some posts up, though I do want to finish it someday. I’ve got the plot done, the stats mostly done but not typed up and crude descriptions of the locations done. I just need the final fight and to type up the statblocks. If you are interested in that adventure please ask me about it or give feedback on the monster I wrote up in my last post.

I’ve been given some really good ideas on what to blog about next which I am going to list here. If you like one of them please let me know! I may not do all of these, but they seem like a good starting point to get back on the blog treadmill.

Thanks to Exploding Dragon:

  • Miniatures and maps. Do they enhance play? Restrict play? Are they just a money making gimmick?
  • Party roles defined by class. Clerics healing, barbarians tanking etc. Good pints, bad points, alternatives.
  • Gender bending. Guys playing girls and vice versa. The drama, the stereotypes, the hilarity.
  • Dice, luck and superstition. Different things to guarantee rolling double sixes.

So do you see anything you like the look of? Want to hear about something in specific? If I get a request or comment of somesort it will be much easier to keep posting!

I’ve been offered membership in the RPG Bloggers Network once I start updating again, so I’m very eager to get back into the once-a-week schedule I had going for so long.

Oddly though I’m less obsessed with RPGs now then I was a couple of months ago I am in my first ever weekly game. It is BRP/CoC and going very well. We’ve gone through a couple of adventures so far and everyone seems to be having a blast.

Anyway, that is enough rambling from me, until next time, Stay Geeky!


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  1. If you want to hear/read something very funny about gender issues, I suggest you check out the issue of the Roll for Initiative Podcast ( where they have the Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity(sp?) as they magic item of the week. Some fun ideas there.

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