Creepy Geeks In Popular Culture

For a personal project of mine I’d like  to make a list of all the negative portrayals of geeks in media, particularly creepy stalkerish ones. You know, the guy who never leaves his basement, has a massive computer monitor with a giant porn folder always open and a bottle of Vaseline and box of tissues right there, along with a desktop background of a pretty female classmate. Any suggestions? I know I’ve seen this portrayal before, can anyone think up any examples?

I’m pretty sure a Penny Arcade comic had a character like this once.

I also remember an anime or cartoon with a (cleaner) version of this character.

Thanks for your help, until next time, Stay Geeky.


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  1. Best overall worst portrayal of a “geek” (by the way, a Geek originally described a person who bit the heads off of chickens, as I’m sure you know) was the World of Warcraft dude in South Park episode 147, “Make Love, Not Warcraft”.
    On the other hand, the best portrayal of geeks overall was the movie “Real Genius”. Who didn’t want to bed Chris Knight back in the day?

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