The Happy Game

I know I should be working, but I thought of a game to cheer me up after that last post… (Edit: I wrote this at the same time as my last couple of posts, when I was feeling very down. I put it on time delay as I knew I would not have time to post for the next couple of weeks.)

The Happy Game is a simple game to cheer you up, best played in small groups. Each person asks the next to choose from physical or emotional, and must then tell the group one thing that makes them either physically or emotionally happy. The person they asked must then ask someone else to pick, and answer the question.

Variant: Include more specific types of happiness: Culinary, Sexual, Tactile, whatever. There should always be a choice between two options though.

Example of play (because I’m bad at explaining rules and am in a rush):

Person A asks person B “Physical or Emotional:
Person B: “Emotional”

Person A then answers: “Playing with kittens, it always makes me feel better”
Person B then asks someone the question and so on.

Anyway, back to reading about the metabolite profiles of wine and the determination thereof.

Until next time, stay geeky


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  1. you are adorable. the visual of this being played in teh hem lounge cheered me up immensely. give me a shout i might be about later this week.

    • Actually, as far as I know this game has never been played. I wrote it while chatting with Em online after hearing about PA’s hospitalization, so I was in a down mood. Would be interested in playing it sometime though. Knowing you if you play it will wind up as a drinking game though.

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