[Let me tell you about my character] Dick Chandler

Back near the start of my blog I posted up a character I was using for Ada’s Serenity game. I meant to post more characters, but I’ve been DMing pretty exclusively. However, to keep myself sane I joined a Call of Cthulhu group playing via Google Wave. Anyway, here is my character: I started with a concept, then rolled stats. Since I rolled so badly the DM let me boost them up to the point buy value, so I tweaked them to fit my vision. I added notes on him as I wrote it, which is why they are scattered throughout the statblock. I’m a bit worried that I’ve spread my skills a bit thin, but if we do more than one adventure it should work itself out as I’ll increase them more quickly.

Richard (Dick) Chandler

Summary: Dick Chandler is a cop who fell from grace after refusing to let a murderer walk. He now works in Arkham as a private dick, spying on cheating spouses, running background checks and whatnot. Lately he has been growing bored due to a lack of challenge, and melancholy as he feels he misses the feeling of making the world a little safer, one killer at a time.

STR 9 (He isn’t that strong, just enough to pass his physical each year, and he has let himself fall a bit out of shape since getting let go)
CON 14 (However, he has a wiry toughness to him that lets him keep going long after most men would fall by the wayside.)
POW 10 (Chandler is a man of the real world, grounded in physical facts and motives. Even when he was a beat cop in the immigrant communities and encountered strange things he always looked for a mundane motive and suspect.)
DEX 15 (His wiry frame is fast and flexible, making him a solid marksmen)
APP 13 (Chandler has a likeable face, his thin form and narrow jaw lending him a roguish air, rather than the weaselly appearance many men of his type have)
SIZ 10 (Chandler is a tall, thin man, about 5’10”, but only ~130lb)
INT 14 (Chandler is a bright guy, though usually in more applied terms than in abstract thought.)
EDU 15 (Chandler is a graduate of both University (Suggestions for a Boston area uni? The only one I can think of is MIT, which seems a bit high end for Chandler) and the Boston Police Academy (Did they have one of those in the 20s?). Additionally he has a number of years of street experience, having worked his way up to detective before his fall-from-grace.

Characteristic Rolls
LUCK is 50
KNOW is 70
EFFORT is 45
IDEA is 70

Derived Statistics
Damage Bonus is 0

Hit Points=12
Wound Threshold=6

Sanity Points=50
Madness Threshold=10

Magic Points=10

Combat Actions= 3

Combat Skills Total:
Brawl 35 (He has been in a few fist fights in his time, mostly back in his days as a beat cop)
Grapple 25
Knife 30
Axe 0
Mace 15
Sword 15
Spear 15
Small Club 25
Large Club 25
Archery 20
Handgun 60 (Chandler has spent a lot of time training with his sidearm, and won his precinct marksmanship contest 4 years in a row)
Rifle/Shotgun 40 (He has some experience with longarms from training and raids, but he has a lot more experience with his sidearm)
Machine Gun 15
Heavy Weapon 5
Whip 5
Hatchet 15
Machete 15

Regular Skills
Accounting 10
Art 5
Athletics 20 (Chandler has played some baseball and kept in good shape, but he has let himself get a bit soft since leaving the force)
Bargain 5
Block 30
Boating 10
Climb 40
Command 35 (Chandler was a detective and has some experience having men working under him, though he was just starting to get comfortable with this before his fall-from-grace)
Craft 5
Disguise 1
Dodge 50 (Chandler has been in quite a few shootouts with mobsters and other low-lifes, and has determined that he is a strong proponent of gun control. Additionally he discovered that he does not like getting shot, and not being where the crook is shooting is normally a good thing.)
Drive (Car) 30 (Chandler has spent more hours than he would like driving patrol cars around, and had to chase fleeing suspects in them once or twice)
Drive (Motorcycle) 30 (Chandler enjoys the freedom of a riding a motorcycle,as a hobby, though he finds them too noticeable and exposed to be practical for anything other than pleasure)
Etiquette 5
Fast Talk 5
First Aid 30
Hide 10
Insight 55 (A cop needs to be good at telling when someone is lying)
Interrogation 35 (Chandler has spent time in the interrogation room)
Intimidate 35 (Chandler knows how to exert pressure, though he is still adjusting to not having a badge to flash, and the law as his lever)
Jump 25
Knowledge (Law) 45 (Chandler is a former cop, so he knows criminal law quite well)
Knowledge (Occult) 10 (Chandler has seen some odd stuff, mostly back in his days as a beat cop in the immigrant communities. He believes that weird stuff happens, but that it is usually a tool for normal human motives.)
Listen 25
Medicine 5
Natural History 10
Navigate 10
Operate Heavy Machine 1
Oratory 5
Other Language (Italian) 40 (Chandler grew up on the border of the Irish and Italian neighbourhoods and picked up a conversational command of Italian, though he will never be mistaken for a native speaker).
Other Language (Hebrew): 15 Chandler had a couple of friends in the Jewish community, and can order a hot dog and figure out the way to the bathroom)
Own Language 75
Photography 10
Pilot 1
Repair 15
Research 25
Ride 5
Science 1
Perform 5
Shadowing 10
Sleight of Hand 5
Sneak 10
Spot 40 (How else would he look for clues?)
Status 35 (Chandler is known to be a reliable guy, though his reputation has lapsed a bit with his move to Arkham and his Fall-from-grace)
Streetwise 50 (Chandler still knows a lot of people in the underworld, and the fact he was kicked off the force have not hurt this at all)
Surgery 1
Survival 10
Swim 35 (He knows how to swim….)
Teach 10
Technical Skill 1
Throw 25 (What kid growing up in Boston hasn’t played a few games of baseball in the street? That was a lot of years ago though)
Track 10
Writing 5

A couple of years ago I took a history class, and we talked a bit about America in the 1920s and 1930s. The immigrant communities would often be insular entities, with strong language and cultural barriers. I figured that a cop would could speak at least a bit of the common tongues would have an edge, and the largest immigrant communities in New England were Italian, Irish and Jewish (at least as I recall). I’m fine with switching those languages up if our fearless leader has any suggestions as to what would work well with his campaign, or would make more historical sense for the area.

Income: 1d10: 4 $3500/year, He is getting by, and has enough money to maintain a small apartment, a smaller office, and keep his bike and car. His main personal spending go to his more and more frequent visits to the speakeasy, as he finds it easier and easier to grow melochany as he does case after case of cheating husbands and wives. Chandler really feels a need to find a new way to get hard cases, and feel like he is helping people instead of destroying marriages and running background checks for the bank.


Chandler was a cop in Boston, who worked his way up from beat cop to homicide detective. He was just getting settled leading his own team when he was handed a case investigating a very well connected young man for murdering his girlfriend. He was told to back off or else, and did his job anyway. The killer went to jail, but he got axed from the force, and unsubtle told that he would never find work in Boston again. Unwilling to completely leave the area and abandon his former life he moved to Arkham and took up work as a private investigator. However as of late he is finding the work more and more menial, and is looking for a thrill, anything that will make him feel alive again, anything will challenge him, anything that will let him feel like he is helping people instead of destroying marriages and costing people jobs.
Chandler hasn’t really made a lot of friends in Arkham yet, but he is getting to be a regular at a certain speakeasy, and has a couple of friends at the university- A professor that he was close to back when he was a student in Boston, and a couple of kids that he helped out back in his days on the force.

Answers to other players questions:

He was never seen going into speakeasies…that is why they had back-doors and he wears coats with tall collars. And the gentleman’s club that he and his men went to after work never served alcohol, of course not, that was non-alcoholic scotch they drank. Now a days he visits a small local speakeasy when he has money, and even then the quality of the drinks has gone down somewhat.

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  1. I remember back when I began roleplaying, I think I enjoyed creating characters as much as actually playing the game. I’m ashamed to say it, but I got my start playing Palladium’s Heroes Unlimited, where creating a character could take hours of tedious-yet-fascinating skill-picking and rolling. Every once in a while I get wistful for those olden days. *sniffle*

  2. I think a hard-boiled private detective in Arkham is a great idea. Sam Spade is a contemporary of setting of most of Lovecraft’s stories, after all.

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