Update on my online summer game

So as you may have guessed from my review of Dungeonslayers, I will not be running a game of it this summer. I’ve gotten into a GURPS game on Wednesdays, but well, I have weekends free. However, I forgot how much 1.5 hours in transit and 8 hours of work a day took out of you, even if you have free time, so I’m going to have to limit what and when I’m capable of running.

1) I have been looking at what system to use. So far I’ve looked at FUDGE, ‘Warrior, Rogue & Mage’ and both Red Box Hack and Old School Hack. None of them have seemed to be quite what I am looking for, though I would like to place some FATE & FUDGE. The current front runner for my summer game is GORE. GORE was designed to be an eldrich horror game, in the sprite of another game I play a lot. However, it uses a more D&D like magic system and is freely available, so I think with some house rules it could make a good, if high danger, dungeon crawling game. Additionally, it is simple enough that I think I could convert old D&D monsters to it- Since it is % based I could just make a D&D character of the appropriate level and see what that monsters chance to hit would be, then use that.

2) I’m still interested in the following ideas from my planning post– I’m having less energy after work then I thought, so some of them are not as feasible. Basically I don’t know if I have the energy to run the Dimensional Hopper game and Tangents is definitely out- I don’t have the energy for the planning either of these would take. I’m also less sure of the Megandungeon based ones until I get my feet under me- I’m thinking I could start a standard game with smaller dungeons, and if it goes well move it into a megadungeon. On the plus side, if we use GORE then we could include guns in the X-Crawl based settings if we wanted.

I know what times I can do this at now: Friday night post 7pm, any time Saturday, or Sunday night, ending no later then 9pm, all Pacific Time. I don’t get hope from work until 6 most days, later on many, and that leaves me just enough time to shop, eat and relax a bit before I have to go to bed.  This allows me to move things along a bit, as I have narrowed down the times to the point I feel fine taking applications to join in and suggestions on what to run.

3) I think Google Wave, Maptools, IRC or similar is more my speed right now. I don’t have a webcam or a decent mic, so yeah, voice seems like a bad choice.

So yeah, there are my current plans for an online game. I’m willing to look at other free gaming systems, and if I do use GORE it will be with some houserules (Probably more skills, might use pointbuy. It has rules for gaining HP already, but I will have to look at the system more. I also might tack on a simple XP system, as ‘when you finish the adventure’ doesn’t work in megadungeons.

So, is anyone interested in playing? Leave a comment! Ask questions! Please!


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  1. Finding a system can sometimes be tough. It’s always a balance between “does what I want” and “ease of play”–’cause at my age I’m lazy and don’t want to learn a lot of ruleson spend a lot of prep time.

    Good luck with the online game. I’ll be interested in seeing reports of what you finally decide to run with.

    • For me it seems to be ‘Combat complex enough to be interesting’ and ‘combat so slow it gets boring’.

      Also ‘abstract that it feels like a literature student wrote it’ and ‘heavy as mud’

      Also ‘lightweight’ vs ‘runs on nostalgia and has rose-coloured headlamps’

    • Currently I am planning on using OpenQuest, an open version RuneQuest based on the Mongoose SRD. It is based on BRP, which have I lots of experience running via Call of Cthuhlhu, though with some improvements I’m going to consider backporting to CoC. There is space in the game if you want to join in.

  2. Count me IN in your weekend game. :)

  3. I would like to play. In the interests of not finding childcare, I’d be doing it on my phone, which limits me to IRC unless there’s an app for Google Wave (is that still running? Thought they gave up on it) or Maptools. Friday anytime you mentioned would work. On Saturdays and Sundays, I am generally available after about one PM Eastern, but farm work and my home game can sometimes interfere until perhaps 7 PM.

    Something about having a lamb in the house which we are bottle feeding takes it out of me and I have been known to go to sleep as early as 9 PM Eastern; I don’t know how long that will be the case.

  4. Unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to make it work—my job is going to need 60 hours/week for the first few months (June-September) which means bed by 11 and work on some weekends. Good luck with the game!

    • Alright, I can understand that. If you ever want to drop in for a session or whatnot let me know, I’m thinking of a ‘you return to town after each session’ type of thing.

  5. Hi,

    Sorry for not responding right away. I’m keen to give it a try. Fridays or weekends can work fine for me, as long as I have advance notice. Are you still planning to use GORE, or have you decided to use the MRQ system?


    • I am planning on using the RuneQuest version OpenQuest. Character creation and setting selection are scheduled for Saturday 1pm, though that is flexible at irc.otherworlders.net #RuneQuest Details and updates will be posted to the most recent post to the blog. I’ll be glad to have you, as that will give us 5 players, which I think is a good number.

      • 4pm EST? I will try to be there!

      • did you mean irc.otherworlders.ORG ?

        • Yes, yes I did.

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