When should I host my game?

I do apologize for the highly focused nature of my blog as of late, but I do want to get this game going before the summer slips away from me.

So, latest update: I’m pretty much decided on Open Quest, a free version of RuneQuest as the rule system for my game. It is fantasy based, so it has a magic system that looks pretty interesting, it is based on BRP, which I’ve been using with Call of Cthulhu for several years now, so I already know most of the rules, and importantly for an online game were I can’t lend rulebooks, it is free.

This means I’m ready to start planning an adventure and making characters.

So, to everyone interested in playing my game: Would Saturdays or Sundays be better? Also, what time? Make sure you specify timezone, I’m free pretty much all weekend. Once I have filtered things down to time-compatible people we can pick which of the setting ideas to run. Note: The settings that I specified last time That doesn’t have to be for the entire summer- I’m having more energy on weekends and after work as of late, so I think I might be up for my Dimension Travelling game after the dungeon crawl, and the two systems are almost identical except for the magic.

I don’t expect people to be at every session, though I would like you to try for half, and I am very open to players joining in part way. So if you can’t make it this weekend don’t sweat it, just let me know when you are interested. If I have several players who can only make it some of the time I might even set up a ‘and you return to the town at the end of every session’ type deal, so players can drop in and out at will.

I guess that about wraps it up, so until next time, Stay Geeky.


Update: I’ve decided that 1 pm pacific time would be a good time to start making characters at irc.otherworlders.net #RuneQuest. Let me know if you need help getting on IRC or figuring out what time that is in your area.

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  1. Weekends can be goofy for me, because of my performance schedule. Also, I teach drum lessons on the weekends. I tend to have a fair bit of free time on the weekends, but my commitments are scattered. The time selected will pretty much tell me if I can commit regularly or not. :)

    • Ada has said that either day should be fine for her: I’ve heard from 3 people so far, and am trying to decide if that is the right number to start with. If you have any recommendations for good places to recruit- I fear putting up something on RPG.net as I’ve heard some horror stories about recruiting there. Well, I guess we can make characters at least. I’m going to default to Saturday, as if no one can make it then we can reschedule.

  2. Hopefully you guys will have a good time! When I get through with Weird Adventures maybe I’ll actually have some time for so online gaming! ;)

  3. Saturday at 1 Pacific is 4 my time, I believe. I almost did it backwards and reckoned on 10 Eastern! This Saturday, I’d be doing a major multitasking as I’ll be doing prep for my father’s birthday party, but I’m willing to try that for character creation.

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