My Summer Game: Details Finally Decided

So here are the minutes from the character creation and setting discussion. There is still room for new players, and I will be updating this as we go.


  • We are going to start with the modern dungeoncrawling idea, Rune-X, and after the first adventure possibly move on to the dimension hopping game
  • Mullem is in favour of adapting a classic adventure.
  • Guns will be allowed in the crawl, but be reduced in power to avoid risk to the audiance. Therefore they will ‘count as’ bows

The character concepts:

[13:25:09] <Mark> I’d like to keep it simple. A fighter-type. Maybe with a little bit of military experience. A smattering of skills and maybe a bit of battle-magic. Someone fairly resourceful, with a focus on fighting.
Going to it for the fame and glory

[13:25:59] <Ada> So maybe I should be a combat medic.
Is having trouble adapting to civilian life, and the money makes it more lucrative then mercenary work

Quirkygirl will be making a sorcery users. She likes danger, exitement and killing things.

Some imporant exerpts:
[13:22:14] <~Canageek> As I don’t have much of a defined world, I’m going to set the game in something vaugly related to our world, but with magic and whatnot
[13:23:31] <~Canageek> It just came out of a large war, and the Emporor wants something to keep the people happy in the post-war depression as the industries retool
[13:24:05] <~Canageek> So he brought in a new form of gladiator games, which have been hugely popular
[13:24:43] <~Canageek> I’m thinking a late-60s level of technology, with some specific advances in the areas of television as the Emporor views that as an easy tool to control the masses
[13:25:27] <~Canageek> Wait, make that modern, but computers are heavily maingframe based and state owned

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  1. Also I suggested that guns be rigged to look flashier, more cinematic, as well as being nerfed.

  2. Here’s my character sheet so far:
    Name: ?
    Concept: combat medic

    STR 12
    CON 16
    DEX 12
    SIZ 7
    INT 18
    POW 15
    CHA 6
    dam. mod +0
    HP 12
    MP 15
    Move 15m.

    ** Resistances
    Dodge — 32%
    Persistence — 40%
    Resilience — 56%

    ** Combat
    Close — 34%
    Ranged — 60%
    Unarmed — 34%

    ** Knowledge
    Culture (own) — 38%
    Language (own) — 73%
    Natural Lore — 28%
    * Culture (Other) — 23%
    * Language (Other) — 20%
    Lore (Healing) — 46%
    * Other is for the location in which she saw combat (Middle East??)

  3. Character sheet continued:

    Name: Eowyn
    Basic Magic Spells:
    Create Potion 2
    Heal 3
    Create Magic Point Store 1 <– Note, the way I read this spell, I can make it hold a lot of magic points even at level 1. If Canageek rules otherwise, I will rearrange my spell selection.

    Question – how many days in advance of the adventure will I have in which I can cast spells?
    Question – do you want me to roll starting cash or calculate it some other way?


  4. Eowyn, continued

    Lore is changed to Potion Making.

    Practical Skills
    Athletics 39%
    Craft 33%
    Deception 30%
    Dodge 37%
    Driving 30%
    Engineering 28%
    Healing 57%
    Influence 16%
    Mechanisms 30%
    Perception 33%
    Performance 16%
    Riding 33%
    Sailing 30%
    Streetwise 21%
    Trade 27%

    Equipment (partial list)

    Starting package that includes shield – I put rifle for my ranged weapon. What would I have for a one handed close combat weapon?
    I have a crash kit, the modern equivalent of a healer’s kit. Will select the rest of the purchases later.

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