Quest for the Magic Candle: Part The Third

Sorry for the delay: Work and family issues kept my attention for a bit. However, I can now say that discovering that your brother is home safe from hospital, sans brain tumor that has been plaguing him for a year is in fact, the best possible birthday present ever. I’ve also decided, after the trouble I had getting the last post to work, that I’m going to break this up into many small posts. This has the upside of giving me blogging material for a while.

Onto more fun, gaming related topics, I missed this picture last time, showing the very odd joystick design my Dad used while growing up:

A odd joystick, with a red ball-tipped handle and button on the bottom

Now this is the joystick I remember my Dad using as I was growing up. Odd looking thing, isn’t it? Needs two hands, so you can’t have one on the keyboard hitting keys.

Here is the other image I have of it, from my last post so you can see the top:

A top view of the last joystick, showing off the red and black striping

You know, C64 stuff had an odd mix of aesthetics. The C64 itself was pretty ugly, but the black and red stripping on this doesn’t look half bad.

And that is another of the treasures I found on my quest.

Until next time, Stay geeky.

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