The Quest for the Magic Candle: Part 5

One again we return, to see what treasures of old I found in the deep, dark, crypt of my Dad’s basement!I went on a quest to the dark corners of the basement, and came back with treasures beyond imagining, a selection of which are shown below.

5 books laid out on the floor, the game box half-visible in-frame. There is a red book with runes, a white book labled "Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar", a card labled Ultima IV, an Ultima I book and a brown book labeled The History of Britannia.

Ah, The CRPG Addicts beloved Ultima IV. It came with some great stuff, though I think one of those manuals was put back in the wrong game box.

An image showing the Guild of Theives game box, a small manual set up as a newspaper, a contract hiring the player and a fake bank card.

The text adventure game Guild of Thieves also came with some very cool stuff.

A rather amusing article by A. Nonymous

The name A. Nonymous still strikes me as highly amusing and original, today even after I’ve seen it used elsewhere. The entire manual was written in a highly amusing style, as I recall.

A fake plastic Bank of Kervonia bank card

Another cool pack-in that game with Guild of Thieves.

Anyway, there are a few more treasures from my explorations for you to marvel over. Until next time, Stay Geeky


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  1. Rats, the charge card expired in 1996…or is it 2096??? I’m guessing this is from the 1987 release.

    • I’d have to look at the manual/newspaper to see the date on it.

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