The Treasure of the Basment! The Quest for the Magic Candle Concludes!

At long last our mighty quest has come to an end. The manual has been found, scanned and made into a CBZ archive. I tried the superior CB7 format, but couldn’t get it to load consistently, and with JPEG you aren’t going to get much of an advantage anyway. I don’t own copywright on this, if you own the rights please let me know and I’ll take it down.


And now, without further ado, The Magic Candle Manual.


Sorry about the hosting site: I wasn’t sure what to do with it. If anyone has better suggestions let me know. For those who don’t know a a CBZ file is a Comic Book Zip file; that is a zip file that is just image files number in order. Similarly a CB7 file is a 7z file of pages numbered in order (CBR = rar, CBT = tar, etc.) You can read this simply by unziping it, or by using a reader: SumatraPDF will open the file if you have that installed. Personally I like CDisplayEx.

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  1. If you would be so inclined, you could let the folks at have your scanned manual for the game, and maybe for other games not already on there.

    DANoWAR (not an affiliate of replacementdocs)

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