Have some true cyberpunk

A while back I ranted about punk and how it should be darker and more nihilistic, but didn’t really give any modern examples of the genre. Well, here you go. Some nudity, drugs, totally not depressing, dark and horrible. Trigger warnings? Lets just go with ‘all of them’.

Well, how was that? Get what I’m saying now? Remember: High tech, low life or your genre’s equivalent.

Until I find some more things worth saying or sharing, Stay Geeky and burn the world.

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  1. Oooh. I won’t slap you on the wrist for complaining to begin with, because I didn’t read the post. But thanks for the link and providing a suggestion. If a punk genre is dark and horrible, is it more like X-grunge than X-punk? X-death metal, maybe?

    • I think punk is one of the darkest genres around; I mean, its core tenants were nihlistic, that everything was so bad you might as well do drugs until you died, because nothing was ever going to improve, so fuck the world on the way out.

      Conversely metal, even death metal, is powerful. It may be dark, but in it the singer and the listener are still the badasses. Even Black Metal, the most dark, extreme form of metal, is still about the person taking power for themselves (via Satanism). A great documentary to watch (and a Canadian one!) is Metal: A Headbangers Journey, where the filmmaker travels the world meeting influential metal figures, tracking its routes, its meanings and what it is today.

      And Grunge is just a bunch of whiny people singing badly in garages. Hey, wait, put those pitchforks down! Ok, I get why Nirvana was IMPORTANT, but I don’t LIKE it. Yes, it revitalized music after the 80s got too self-obsessed, but I don’t see much it did that was new in terms of theme or music. Really, it just seemed to be watered-down punk, but complaining instead of outright nihilistic burn-the-world type stuff.

      • Hmm, you make some excellent points. I never really thought of punk that way. But I guess you’re right. And that’s the appeal of using it; that it’s this dark, dark, hopeless thing, and while it infuses everyday parts of peoples’ lives, there are no recognisable standards of morality or living in general.

        Punk has given us so much, from new generations of music to one of the most iconic fashions of the modern age, genres of literature and a whole way of thinking. That it’s still relevant shows how much it means to people – I think that’s where you really hit the nail on the head. Sometimes people aren’t strong enough to be the badasses through all the shit that happens through their lives. And if you whine about it, you just make it worse. So I guess if you take the punk view, then you’re left treading water, which is just enough to help you survive. Sometimes that’s all you need if you’re not sure you have enough money to survive on, if your resources are running low, and when you ask that question, where can I go? Punk lets you scream but it doesn’t push you over the edge.

        Well, that’s my rant for this morning. Thank you so much for your detailed reply.

        • I disagree about punk; Sure, it is nihlistic, but it is also aggressive and destructive. What you describe sounds a lot more like Emo to me, then punks who are perfectly ready to level a city block in rage, and don’t care about consequences since nothing matters anyway.

          • Heh. All right. I think it’s a fine line between punk and emo in some places. I don’t know if you’re into short fiction, but if you’re up for a read, this may be what you mean by punk: http://chiusse.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/viral-marketing/

            • You my friend, need to check out some Clash, Sex Pistols, Sticky Little Fingers, even some of the modern stuff like NoFX.

              In other news, I hate Greenday for making everyone associate punk with emo. *grumble grumble*

              • Will do. Thanks for being patient.

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