On Reflections in Wildspace

I love the Spelljammer setting. It is silly, swashbucklery and D&D IN SPAAACEEEE. However, it has some issues that occur when contact is made with the players. This post, from the Hack and Slash blog has solutions to a number of the problems with Spelljammer. First, it solves why you can’t make a killing just running goods from one point on a planet to another, in a really nice way. Then it has some advice about trying to do too much, some ideas about 3D space battles and why you can rule no 3D battles (I’d just rule that moving off the 2D plane is a very slow process that can take hours, myself, but each to their own.) It them wraps up with some details on XP, gold, weapon ranges and some other system-specific things.

I recommend any DM running SJ check it out, it isn’t long and has some good points.

Until next time, stay geeky.

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  1. In my multiverse, piloting a spelljamming ship inside a planetary atmospheric envelope is a risky manoeuvre and not done unless planetfall is a journey’s end or beginning or necessitated by other circumstances. Experienced crews reef in all sail, stow all loose articles, and spike gun carriages and the like, just as if the ship were about to enter the leading edge of a storm front. As the sails and wheel are only useful for spelljamming “solar winds” and only a hindrance inside the atmosphere, a wise crew keeps below decks during the manoeuvre and lets the helmsman handle the careful decent. The severe winds, turbulence and ship instability that can often be encountered limit any sort of fighting action during this phase. Essentially, planetfall is not at all like “sailing” as it is in wildspace, but more akin to the launch or recovery phase of the space shuttle. Not the same flavour, but you get the idea.

    I’ve really got to get motivated one of these days to polish up my Spelljammer house-fixes into a fan publication as we’ve discussed. I have addressed all the mechanics mentioned in the article and then some. Elegant solutions every one :D

    • Very nice! I think I’ll take that approach as well. It would also help explain the disconnect between groundline and spacer culture, and why space stations are a thing.

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