Who on earth is Canageek?

I’m a Canadian geek. I’m a graduate student in chemistry. I go by Canageek all over the Internet, and as far as I can tell I am currently the (almost) the only Canageek so if you see me on a forum say hi! If you want to email me I have a gmail accounts of the form canageek@<insert service provider here>.com.

Lets see, I tend to be somewhat obsessive and occasionally a workaholic as my marks and number of tweets attest to. I’m a mild computer geek, fairly major role playing geek and a moderate science geek. I bounce from geeky obsession to geeky obsession creating a sort of jack-of-all trades master-of-none type of geekiness. Its a bit annoying as everyone around me is better at my hobbies then me as they focus on them more then I do, but hey, I do alright.

I started roleplaying with my Dad in the last days of 2nd edition, and played 3rd & 3.5 heavily in the Living Greyhawk RPGA campaign. I like 4e and play Living Forgotten Realms however I think the quality of the modules is being hurt by the amount of combat in them and the demand that they be completely linear.

My longest running game was a Call of Cthuhlu game using the BRP book and some house rules to mix the two. I’ve been mixing one of my CoC campaigns up by incorporating a pulp, ‘Two-Fisted Cthuhlu’ feel into it. As of when I’m writing this I’m just getting back into GURPS, and occasionally do some Pathfinder Society organized play.

I like the intellectual challenge of solving a mystery or problem, though I also enjoy the tactical approach to combat. I’ve never been able to make a ‘tweaked’ character as something inside me rebels at the thought of having more then 2 classes. I have an on/off interest in Old School Gaming, but am turned off by the rules sets having so many arbitrary limitations and the fact that most of it seems to be based around memories I don’t have, making it very hard for me to understand.

Until next time, Stay Geeky.


Published on July 23, 2009 at 2:52 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. Nice! I like the color scheme.

    • Thank you! I wish it was a variable width theme though: I find it far to thin and free wordpress blogs don’t support custom CSS

  2. Do you have an email in use for this site to contact you?

    • Add a gmail.com to the end of Canageek and I’ll get it.

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