100th post!

Or at least WordPress tells me it is: I’ve deleted some posts, and made some hidden, so I’m not sure how many are visible to the public. My, I kinda suck at blogging, considering I started this in July 2009. That is just over 2 a month. Not much compared to awesome people like Chet of The CRPG Addict, Trickster of The Adventure Gamer, or Trey of From the Sorcerer’s Skull. Heck, my Dad manages to update his blog, 600 Days to Brewmastery almost every day (thus the name).

On the other hand, I’m no where near as creative and talented as Trey, and don’t have the motivation of a book at the end of it to keep me going. I’m also don’t have a specific goal like the other blogs I listed: I’m not trying to finish every game in a set genre, or chronicle a journey I’m taking. I just made this blog so that I’d have a place to type out longer things that didn’t fit on twitter. Then I got into it, and enjoyed setting down some ideas I had. However, lately I seem to be less inspired, and have trouble posting. This is probably because I’m spending less time thinking about RPGs: I’ve been gaming less, as various gaming groups have dissolved, and I’ve been moving around more so I’ve had less time to form them.

Hopefully this will change soon. I’m getting that gaming itch again, I’m listening to podcasts again, which is where I get a lot of my gaming inspiration for some reason, and I’m rejoining a sweet GURPS game I was in back in 2011, now that I’m back on the West Coast. Additionally, #RPGChat is providing me a lot of inspiration, though it tends to come in the form of points I’m trying to convey, rather then setting and roleplaying ideas.

I’ve had fun writing this blog, and really, my only regret is that every time I start to establish any sort of a community I don’t post for ages and ages and everyone stops reading it.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there still reading this: Thank you. I’m glad someone enjoys my ramblings and ravings. If nothing else, I know a lot of you have found my post on Keep on the Shadowfell Maps (by far my most popular post, and one I created just to keep track of the links I was finding. I was horribly embarrassed when I discovered I hadn’t even spell checked it, and it was my most read post by a factor of ten).

Thank you for reading these 100 posts, and lets hope it doesn’t take me another 4 years to get to 200.

Until next time, stay geeky.

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A nice quote

Thought I’d share a little quote I came across today. While it is part of a humours paper, I thought it is quite true.

The most wonderful thing in the world, in our opinion, is the ability of the human mind to correlate many seemingly unrelated pieces of information into a jubilant whole. We are born ignorant, imprisoned by the islands of our personal experience; but intelligence, logic, and diligent study are like glorious seaworthy vessels which allow us to travel boundless and brilliant oceans. The great ambition of science is the piecing together of dissociated knowledge to create hard tempered theories, and then the bravely facing of their philosophical implications in order to begin the process anew. In this way we have climbed towards the brilliant truth, and have lifted our human state into the glory of an age of enlightenment.

–Benjamin K. Tippett, Possible Bubbles of Spacetime Curvature in the South Pacific, 2012, arXiv:1210.8144

Until next time, Stay Geeky,


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The Treasure of the Basment! The Quest for the Magic Candle Concludes!

At long last our mighty quest has come to an end. The manual has been found, scanned and made into a CBZ archive. I tried the superior CB7 format, but couldn’t get it to load consistently, and with JPEG you aren’t going to get much of an advantage anyway. I don’t own copywright on this, if you own the rights please let me know and I’ll take it down.


And now, without further ado, The Magic Candle Manual.


Sorry about the hosting site: I wasn’t sure what to do with it. If anyone has better suggestions let me know. For those who don’t know a a CBZ file is a Comic Book Zip file; that is a zip file that is just image files number in order. Similarly a CB7 file is a 7z file of pages numbered in order (CBR = rar, CBT = tar, etc.) You can read this simply by unziping it, or by using a reader: SumatraPDF will open the file if you have that installed. Personally I like CDisplayEx.

Sorry for the lack of posts

Once again I have failed to update: I’ve been preoccupied with the end of my summer job, then moving and starting recently, personal issues. I will try to get something up soon, probably the final Hellriders post.

Until I do, Stay Geeky

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I’ve joined the RPG Bloggers Network!

Hail and well met my fellow geeks! I am now an official member of the RPG Bloggers Network! It is a collective of people who blog about RPGs. Yep….that is pretty much all I have to say, other then that you should go check it out. If you like my blog you will certainly find something good to read there.

Anyway, sorry for posts being late recently- This were rather hectic at work and it took a lot out of me. I’ll try to keep to a post a week, though that may not last past the start of uni.

Anyway, until next time, Stay Geeky.

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My Blogs Theme

I’m finding that my theme is too thin and is making my posts look intimidatingly long. Given then I almost never update this thing (though that may change as I’m now on a coop semester & thus am working set 8 hour days) and am on a students budget I can’t really justify $15USD/year for custom CSS just to make the blog wider. Though I suppose if my lady-love learns CSS it might be worth it to give her practice, for one year at least. Anyway, I want your feedback: Should I switch to another theme I like less to make the blog wider, or is it fine how it is? Ideally I’d like a variable width theme, but there are almost none of those on wordpress. Someday I’ll have to get a private wordpress and make my own theme. You know, when I have a steady job, after gradschool.

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Assorted Updates

Sorry about the long wait between posts, I was a touch burned out after that last post becuse I struggled with it for so long. Then I discovered that numerous typos had snuck past me (somehow I turned spellcheck off) and most of my paragraph breaks had disappeared. Needless to say I was mortified, especially after several people I respected had read it and retweeted it. Due to this I was put off blogging for a while. Additionally I’m currently having my laptop repaired and haveing trouble getting my desktop computer’s wireless card working with linux. I’ve reinsallled windows as the linux installs seem to vanish and have inexplicable problems. ANYWAY, here are some random thoughts and musings.

I’ve still not started work on the next big post (probably on roleplaying in the Televised Dungeon Crawling environment). I don’t have a lot of DMing experience so I’m worried everything I’m saying is really obvious and unoriginal, but that could be just me being insecure. Either way I don’t plan on stopping writing as I enjoy it. If you ever see a way for me to improve do let me know.

I got some suggestions on Twitter that I forgot to work into the last article: Example advertisements for the lighthearted Televised Dungeon Crawling setting:
From @Jwyl
“::bulging gladiator holding up a small urn-shaped bottle:: After a tough day in the arena, use pain-b-gone on those sore muscles”
“::close up of a tub-shaped container and a cloth with goo on it:: No need to scrub, just coat armor and rinse for that mirrorshine”

Other suggestions by @cyclopsfan1 were for a male enhancement drink. Would YOU want your half-orc barbarian shilling for a penis enlargement drink? What if you need the money?

I’d love to have some more suggestions of advertisements for such a world, toss me a comment if you have a cool idea.


On another note I started reading a blog that touches me closely. A women named Karen linked me to her blog after meeting on twitter. It’s a blog about her experiences as a high-functioning person with Asperger’s Syndrome. I’d like to take this moment to disclose that I have aspergers syndrome. I was diagnosed a long time ago, so long I don’t exactly remember when: I was diagnosed with ADHD a bit before that. I may blog about what it’s like to have it, though that is hard to do since I have no idea what it is like to not have it. Anyway, I encourage you to read her blog, though take the other blogs in her blog roll with a grain of salt, I personally disagree with many of them.Also as a note I took Ritalin for years and now take Concerta: Do I sound like a zombie? Follow my twitter feed. I’m (I like to think) a witty and creative young man. These are powerful drugs with nasty side effects. But if you have ADHD or ADD they are a godsend. Riding yourkid to do his/her work is NOT the solution, you will just frustrate them. I will get distracted working in a bare room with only my notes and a calculator. (I will post a link to Karen’s blog this when I have my laptop and bookmarks back)


I’m trying to decided between first person suggestions and third person authoritative writing style. I mainly write “In this type of setting” But keep adding “I think XXX would work well” and swapping between the two is poor form. So readers, does this detract from my ruminations all that much? If I should stick to one which should I stick two? Should I learn enough HTML to put in sidebars for the first person parts?


Also as a note I’m taking down the pictures of myself about now so bosses don’t see this blog (While nothing on here is incrminating or such I’m worried about anti-apsie and anti-ADHD prejiduce. If someone wants to recomend pictures to replace it I’d like the suggestions. In a related note I may start posting about chemistry, hope no one minds. If you want to here about anything specific I’m taking Organic, Inorganic and Quantum chemistry this semester as well as a lab class. I’ll ask my profs if they mind if I post some of my assingments for you to see, would anyone be intrested in this?


As a final note if you are on twitter feel free to join in the Mass Twitter Fiction Event. Its a freeform systemless roleplay where we each take a roll and react to whatever @MassTwitFic throws at us. There is a long term one going on right now where we have been framed for a theft and kidnapping and are using insane methods to try and clear our name (Many of them illiegal since hey, we are wanted criminals anyway.) Other people are supporting us in more legal roles, scanning footadge I upload or going where we (Was wanted man and women [yes Man, singular]) can not. http://twapperkeeper.com/tfe/ has an archive of this event and the last one. Sorry it is so long, we are trying doing a multiday event for the first time, every other one has been only a few hours.

Anyway, I started doing this post on Aug 29th, and its now Sept 8th, so I think I’ll upload it and add in the missing links at a latter point in time. Let me know of what you think of this more rambly and random update style. I mainly just wanted to get some small point out there while I mused about my next post. (A campain idea inspired by: Highlander, Shadowforce Archer, D&Ds XP system, Scion, The Digimon TV show, The genocide section of my world history class, The Zodiac Killer, Greek/Roman Myth. Yeah, I just started writing and then did some reasurch & creeped myself out.)

Anyway, until next time, Stay Geeky!