Send a friend of mine some support?

Hey everyone, I don’t think there is going to be a gaming related post this week, as my buffer just ran dry and I’ve not done any work this weekend (which is really odd as I’m normally a really good student, guess I’m still adjusting to the different workflow this semester- I’m used to really tight deadlines and frantic work, now I have more longterm projects and am having a bit of trouble adjusting. Ah well, I’ll deal. Or my group members will beat sense into me. One of the two)

Enough stalling: I have come to ask you something: Someone I know just spent 3 days in the ICU after a suicide attempt. I don’t know the details yet, as I’ve only met them in person once, but they are a fellow Aspie (Aspie= someone with Asperger’s Syndrome), as well as several other mental issues, including PTSD and Epilepsy, and I know how hard the least debilitating of those is- I have both Asperger’s and ADHD myself, which makes uni rather challanging. I can’t imagine life with the additonal complications and a more sever case of Asperger’s.


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