Some Modern Cursed Items

I just read an interesting thread on List your ideas for cursed magic items in the modern day.

I thought up two ideas and thought I would share them with the lot of you.

Pacifist’s Pistol. This weapon was created by some anti-gun activists during the 1960s. It appears to be a very well made revolver that will perform exceptionally when fired at anything except another human. When fired at a human it will invariably malfunction. It is said that if someone attempts a murder in cold blood with the gun that it will ensure they do not survive the attempt.

MADD Car. Unlike most magic items, cursed or otherwise, this item is quite new. Just a few years ago a powerful witch’s son was killed in a hit and run by a drunk driver. Overcome by grief she poured her rage and pain into her son’s new sportscar. Sealing the magic with a powerful karmic curse, she sold the car, knowing that it would find its way into the hands of her sons killer. A few months later her son’s killer was dead after drunkenly driving his car into a telephone pole. Oddly his car was almost unharmed…
Since then the car has passed from owner to owner, seeking out those who will drink before taking its wheel, then slaying them in a variety of painful ways. Always the car is found with surprisingly little damage so that it can pass to a new owner.
Due to the dark magic used to create it the car does not care how much alcohol the driver has in them, or if they are capable of drinking. Even one drink is enough to bring it’s dark wrath down upon the driver.

How are those?