The Treasure of the Basment! The Quest for the Magic Candle Concludes!

At long last our mighty quest has come to an end. The manual has been found, scanned and made into a CBZ archive. I tried the superior CB7 format, but couldn’t get it to load consistently, and with JPEG you aren’t going to get much of an advantage anyway. I don’t own copywright on this, if you own the rights please let me know and I’ll take it down.


And now, without further ado, The Magic Candle Manual.


Sorry about the hosting site: I wasn’t sure what to do with it. If anyone has better suggestions let me know. For those who don’t know a a CBZ file is a Comic Book Zip file; that is a zip file that is just image files number in order. Similarly a CB7 file is a 7z file of pages numbered in order (CBR = rar, CBT = tar, etc.) You can read this simply by unziping it, or by using a reader: SumatraPDF will open the file if you have that installed. Personally I like CDisplayEx.

Quest for the Magic Candle: Part VI

Once again, my fellow adventurers, to regal you with the tale of The Quest for the Magic Candle. I continue to go through the treasures I have found in that mysterious land known as My Parents Basement.

An image of the computer game 'A Bard's Tale'

While The Addict rated the origional Bard’s tale quite highly it appears to have been the only good game in the series, the later instalments descending into grindfests.

An image of the handout that came with the game Planetfall. Faux-handwritten text on a page.

Another cool handout, this one from the game Planetfall, an old text adventure. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the box for some reason.

A spread of 3 pages of text from the game Planetfall

On the other hand, faux-handwritten notes seems like they would get tiring to read after a couple of pages.

Three postcards included in the game Planetfall. All are colourful and advertise fake planets as destinations.

Now here is something cool that came with the game; Three postcards inviting you to visit distant worlds.

The back of the three postcards. All have small amounts of text in the address area, but are otherwise normal postcards.

I wonder if I printed off a sticker and stuck it over the ‘This is a postcard’ notes if I could actually use these as postcards? Probably a bad idea, since the game seems to have all its parts, and it isn’t like I can replace them.

That leaves me only one last, final treasure to show you, the very thing I quested for, The Magic Candle….


The Quest for the Magic Candle: Part 5

One again we return, to see what treasures of old I found in the deep, dark, crypt of my Dad’s basement!I went on a quest to the dark corners of the basement, and came back with treasures beyond imagining, a selection of which are shown below.

5 books laid out on the floor, the game box half-visible in-frame. There is a red book with runes, a white book labled "Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar", a card labled Ultima IV, an Ultima I book and a brown book labeled The History of Britannia.

Ah, The CRPG Addicts beloved Ultima IV. It came with some great stuff, though I think one of those manuals was put back in the wrong game box.

An image showing the Guild of Theives game box, a small manual set up as a newspaper, a contract hiring the player and a fake bank card.

The text adventure game Guild of Thieves also came with some very cool stuff.

A rather amusing article by A. Nonymous

The name A. Nonymous still strikes me as highly amusing and original, today even after I’ve seen it used elsewhere. The entire manual was written in a highly amusing style, as I recall.

A fake plastic Bank of Kervonia bank card

Another cool pack-in that game with Guild of Thieves.

Anyway, there are a few more treasures from my explorations for you to marvel over. Until next time, Stay Geeky


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Quest for the Magic Candle, Part 4

The CRPG Addict has reached 1989, the year The Magic Candle was released, reminding me to post more about the treasures I found while searching for The Magic Candle manual.

My shorts, totally covered in cobwebs, spider webs and dust.

Yeah, when you hear about epic quests, you never imagine how filthy the heroes get.

A series of games laid out on the floor. In order: Planetfall, Fahrenheit 451, A  Bards Tale, Hacker II, Beyond Zork, 50 Mission Cap, <No name>, The Pawn, Breakers, Ultima VI, Autodule, NATO Command, War Of The Lance, Tass Times in Toontown, <Illegible>, The Magic Candle

I found many great treasures alongside The Magic Candle, worth a fortune in gold and old computer parts…

A white game manual, with a very nice looking ink sketch of a dragon on the front

I have no idea what game this is from, but that is one awesome dragon. Sadly it loses a lot of its impact due to the blurriness of the image. I wish more modern games would use art instead of 3d models.

A small, toy toolkit sitting on a road map taken from the game Autoduel

I know Chet didn’t like Autoduel, but man, you can’t beat the loot that came with the game!

The unfolded fake newspaper from Tass Times in Tonetown

Trickster mentioned this on his blog, and I thought he would like to see it.

Well, that is enough looking at the treasures from my quest for today. Until next time, Stay Geeky.


Quest for the Magic Candle: Part The Third

Sorry for the delay: Work and family issues kept my attention for a bit. However, I can now say that discovering that your brother is home safe from hospital, sans brain tumor that has been plaguing him for a year is in fact, the best possible birthday present ever. I’ve also decided, after the trouble I had getting the last post to work, that I’m going to break this up into many small posts. This has the upside of giving me blogging material for a while.

Onto more fun, gaming related topics, I missed this picture last time, showing the very odd joystick design my Dad used while growing up:

A odd joystick, with a red ball-tipped handle and button on the bottom

Now this is the joystick I remember my Dad using as I was growing up. Odd looking thing, isn’t it? Needs two hands, so you can’t have one on the keyboard hitting keys.

Here is the other image I have of it, from my last post so you can see the top:

A top view of the last joystick, showing off the red and black striping

You know, C64 stuff had an odd mix of aesthetics. The C64 itself was pretty ugly, but the black and red stripping on this doesn’t look half bad.

And that is another of the treasures I found on my quest.

Until next time, Stay geeky.

Quest For the Magic Candle: Part 2

This is part 2 of my Quest for the Magic Candle. No, I’m not playing through the game like The CRPG Addict, I’m trying to find the game in my Dad’s old C64 stuff.Herein I document some of the rare treasures I unearthed in my quest for The Magic Candle.

A white C64

Not your typical Commodore 64; It looks more like a C128 to be honest, not sure why this looks different from the rest.

An old school joystick with a raised stick and red button on the base

The first joystick I found; Sorry about the bad picture, I didn’t realize how many joysticks there would be, so I didn’t start documenting until the second one. It reminds me of some of those old Atari joysticks, having the button on the base so that it takes two hands to use, instead of one.

A one button white joystick

The second joystick I found. Not that different from the one I learned with, on my Dad’s second computer, a 386, except a hard handle instead of a foam coated one, and not as nice a button.

A top view of the last joystick, showing off the red and black striping

You know, C64 stuff had an odd mix of aesthetics. The C64 itself was pretty ugly, but the black and red stripping on this doesn’t look half bad

A very cluttered basement, with the C64 stuff back against the far wall, so I have to climb over a signifitcan amount to get to it.

Just letting you know how much work I had to do to *get* to the C64 stuff. Sorry for the poor picture quality; The light in this part of the basement doesn’t work, so I was working by flashlight.

At this point however, I went to another part of the land known as “The basement” on the idea that the games from Commodorea may have fled to the land of PC-DOS. In PC-DOS I found many treasures:

A boxed copy of Leathe Goddesses of Phobos

Sadly due to Tricker’s no-text-adventure rules we won’t get to see him play through this game. Hmmm, Dad probably didn’t want me posting this. Oh well.

Boxed copies of Windows 3.1

Man, isn’t that a boring box on Windows 3.1? I remember that OS. Beneath a Steel Sky is one of the only adventure games I’ve ever made much progress on. I never played this copy, but I remember it was a boot option on our 386.

A couple of Gold Box games

More treasures found along the way! A couple of Gold Box games in their classic Gold Boxes. I can’t wait to see if these are as good as Pool of Radiance. I guess we are going to have to educate Chet (The Addict) on Dragonlance once he gets to Champions of Krynn.

A box full of boxed software; Combat Classics 2, MS-DOS 6 Upgrade, MS-DOS 5A and X-Beyond the Final Frontier visible

Another box full of software; Two versions of MS-DOS, Some combat game of my Dad’s, and X Beyond the Final Frontier, a game I bought and never played.

Another box of software.

Welp, this all seems to be DOS stuff, I guess the C64 stuff didn’t get mixed in here after all.

And here I left the land of PC-DOS, the lost treasure obviously not having been mixed in here, and returned to the dark land of the Commodore, to delve deeper intos its towering box mountains.

A classic beige C64

This quest is taking me back this is the model of Commodore 64 I remember from my youth, watching my Dad play Elite on it as I sat on his lap…

Two more C64s in a box

And under it, two more Commodore 64s.

Tw more C64s peaking out from under the last two

And under them a couple more. These things are so easy to pick up off the curb.

The box under the first contains at LEAST two more Commodore 64s.

Ok, this is getting kinda ridiculous.

An odd device with a button on top and a slot in the side

Another treasure unearthed in my search! Anyone know what this gadget is? I’m guessing hold punch, but it doesn’t have any way to clean out the paper.

Boxed magnetic tabe drive and 1200 baud modem.

ohhh, 1200 baud modem? Dad told me how much faster this was then his first one; With this one you had to scroll back up when on BBSes; It loaded the text faster then my Dad could read it. Also shown; A magnetic tape drive; those must have been hell to use.

A boxed copy of Might and Magic

Ah, now here I have found a rare treasure: Might and Magic; One of the highest rated games the CRPG addict has played, still in its lovely box. However, it is not the object of my quest, so I push on.

The magnetic tape drive itself

Man, looks like you could play an audio tape on it. *shudder* Imagine having to load an entire program off this thing!

Two old disk drives

5 3/4″. You Americans and your silly measurements. I have more storage on my keychain then all the disks in this basement combined.

My hand with a scratch on it and a bit of blood


A boxed copy of Gemstone Warrior by SSI

Hey, this looks kinda cool; Nice box and all. By SSI, who made the gold box games; I hope this is one we get to see Chet play.

A boxed copy of Battletech: The Cresent Hawks Inception

Its comingggggg for youuuuu Chetttttt
(This is one of the games the Addict hated the most)

A boxed copy of the game Rastan, which shows a man with fire coming off his sword to strike a lizard-thing

Is it just me or is this box kinda lame? He is flame whipping the lizard I guess? It sure doesn’t look like he is leaving a trail of fire after hitting it.

A boxed copy of Might and Magic II

Another game that CRPG Addict praised, Might and Magic II. Very similar box, I guess they didn’t want to waste money on new art.

A boxed copy of Fellowship of the Ring

Well, here is another game that did not fare very well when Chet played it. I’m surprised at how many of my Dad’s games have shown up on The Addicts blog; I guess there wasn’t much selection, and that he was buying games in the period of time that The Addict has covered.

The three books that came with Elite

Elite. Man, this game has an effect on me to this day. I loved the idea of a free roaming space game where you can be anything you want, supporting yourself by trading cargo, bounty hunting or piracy. I’ve looked for modern versions of the game, but not really found anything I like: Most are 2d arcade space games, that I’m just plain no good at. Or really lightweight RPGs. I’d love a complex, detailed modern RPG on the topic. Anyone have suggestions?

The Magic Candle peaking out of the final box of C64 stuff

At last! The Magic Candle! In the very last box of C64 stuff in the entire basement I spy the game I have been questing for peaking out from under some other things. The goal of my quest is at hand!

And so did my quest for the Magic Candle end, though I still have to show you what treasures I found along with this item of power.

The Quest for the Magic Candle, part 1

For a fair while now I’ve been a fan of The CRPG Addict. He mentioned that The Magic Candle is coming up, and I remembered seeing that in my Dad’s collection of COMMODORE 64 games in the basement as a kid, and whats more, spending hours reading the manual. I decided, since someone in the comments thread told me that the manual wasn’t online in a nice form, that I would go on a quest for it.

A COMMADORE 64 Monitor

A COMMADORE 64 Monitor: This fell on my leg a couple weeks ago, so it may no longer work.

A box while a pile of games stacked on top.

Well, this should be easy. A box with games on top, it must be in here, right? (Hint: Nope)

A box piled high with diskets

At this point I was just documenting how much C64 stuff we have, I didn’t realize what an epic quest it would be.

A box of games

Another box with games in it, though not The Magic Candle. Let me know if you want me to scan any of these manuals.

It was at this point that I realized that my quest amid the dust bunnies and coldest floors would not be as easy as I first thought, and I begun documenting it in detail.