A nice quote

Thought I’d share a little quote I came across today. While it is part of a humours paper, I thought it is quite true.

The most wonderful thing in the world, in our opinion, is the ability of the human mind to correlate many seemingly unrelated pieces of information into a jubilant whole. We are born ignorant, imprisoned by the islands of our personal experience; but intelligence, logic, and diligent study are like glorious seaworthy vessels which allow us to travel boundless and brilliant oceans. The great ambition of science is the piecing together of dissociated knowledge to create hard tempered theories, and then the bravely facing of their philosophical implications in order to begin the process anew. In this way we have climbed towards the brilliant truth, and have lifted our human state into the glory of an age of enlightenment.

–Benjamin K. Tippett, Possible Bubbles of Spacetime Curvature in the South Pacific, 2012, arXiv:1210.8144

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