Escape to the Tangents: Part II

Alright, it turns out that they are following us. We’ve learned a lot of tricks and rules to help us escape, and thought we would write them down on this repaired probe before we sent it on it’s way– might land at an outpost and help someone else. At the very worst it will act as a decoy and buy us a little time.

1. The ‘further’ you jump the easier you are to track. Jumping from a historical world to a fantastic world lights you up like a christmas tree, jumping from a historic to a historic is easy. However, if you jump further then you can sometimes lose yourself in all the possible worlds that you could have jumped two.

2. Jump often: The more you jump the more links they have to trace.

3. Don’t leave anything behind. It will resonate with the frequency of the world you’ve passed, letting anyone with the right gear know you’ve been there. Traces are unavoidable, from the air you breath to the dirt on your boots. However take some precautions: Police your brass, don’t throw anything out, and so on. If you have to leave stuff behind try and burn or destroy it to make it harder to get a fix on. We are still arguing about if it’s better to do a big dump all at once or spread it out.

4. Don’t sit around. It takes a while for your engines to recharge before you can jump again. During that time move around, gather supplies, meet the locals. It keeps your mind off being hunted, and if you help the locals out then they will sometimes help you against whatever is following you, or at least help you stock up supplies. Keeping ahead of your pursuers doesn’t help is you run out of food.

4b: Don’t help the locals out with problems less scary that what is chasing you: That could just get them into trouble they don’t need.

5: Don’t backtrack: they usually leave a watcher.

6: Never blind jump: Chances are you’ll wind up in an antimatter tangent or one without air. Even if you have to break rule 5, never blind jump.

7. Don’t tell people where you came from and they won’t ask. This shouldn’t work but it does. We call this the Dr. Who principle.

8. Cremate the bodies. Rest in Peace Sean.

9. Don’t be scared to take on replacements, sometimes being perused through the tangents by an unknown opponent is better than the alternative.

10. Don’t try hiding within a tangent, they can lock onto your signal as alien really quickly.

10b. It works by triangulation. It is easy to figure out where you are in general, but if you keep moving it will take a while to pin you down. Also it gets less accurate as they get closer.

Well, those are all we have so far, we’ll let this little guy go. We are way farther out then when we picked him up so his jump should create a nice bright signal, allowing us to make our small hop before they catch on. Little guy should also be able to jump faster then we can, hopefully keep ahead of them, let someone know we are alive with no way home.

–Rookie Team 314

Shattered Future: Part I: The Northern Tribes

There was a time when gods walked the earth. They lived in great temples of glass and metal and ruled over man from on high. All was good, everyone had food and clean water and warm beds. The gods taught us magic, and gave us gifts for we served them and brought food to there great homes. It was a golden time, a time of milk and honey. Then the Gods warred among themselves with terrible weapons of fire. Many men fought alongside them with terrible weapons the gods gave them, weapons then spewed smoke and light. This war broke the world and shattered time, so that a man in one village might live for 5 seasons and walk to the next village and find that 10 seasons had passed.

Most of the Gods of our land and their servants lived to the south, in a warm land filled with food and wealth. However when they warred with the Gods across the sea that land became a blasted wasteland, torn by great fire. Now a great wall of wind separates us from that land, wind the howls so fast that it carries great masses of rock through it, granting only death to those who try to cross it. Rumours exist of tunnels, old even in the time of the Gods that might allow man to cross the great divide. Who knows what treasure lies down in the land of the gods?

We have lived here on the great plains, living with our horses, trading  with the homesteaders and fighting with the raiders and monsters that roam the plains with us.We avoid the homes of the Gods, the great cities of iron and steel for the monsters that now infest them takes the luster off the treasure they are reported to hold.

To the west lie the great mountains and well beyond them the great wrecks left when the sea fell, and finally the great sea itself. To the north lies the great frozen plains, and rumours of a landbridge across the sea there persist. To the east lies the great radioactive wastes, and the toxic seas. Legend has it of another great ocean for to the east beyond that but no one has ever returned from such a journey.

And that my son are our lands. Beware the raiders and city dwellers for both are evil, live close to the land and stay away from the works of the gods and you will live long and have many children.