Quest for the Magic Candle: Part VI

Once again, my fellow adventurers, to regal you with the tale of The Quest for the Magic Candle. I continue to go through the treasures I have found in that mysterious land known as My Parents Basement.

An image of the computer game 'A Bard's Tale'

While The Addict rated the origional Bard’s tale quite highly it appears to have been the only good game in the series, the later instalments descending into grindfests.

An image of the handout that came with the game Planetfall. Faux-handwritten text on a page.

Another cool handout, this one from the game Planetfall, an old text adventure. Sadly I didn’t take a picture of the box for some reason.

A spread of 3 pages of text from the game Planetfall

On the other hand, faux-handwritten notes seems like they would get tiring to read after a couple of pages.

Three postcards included in the game Planetfall. All are colourful and advertise fake planets as destinations.

Now here is something cool that came with the game; Three postcards inviting you to visit distant worlds.

The back of the three postcards. All have small amounts of text in the address area, but are otherwise normal postcards.

I wonder if I printed off a sticker and stuck it over the ‘This is a postcard’ notes if I could actually use these as postcards? Probably a bad idea, since the game seems to have all its parts, and it isn’t like I can replace them.

That leaves me only one last, final treasure to show you, the very thing I quested for, The Magic Candle….