The Journal Entry of Cthulhu

Last year some awesome people made me a Cthulhu prop making LaTeX document. I then went and made a prop out of it, but my game then died. Today is Halloween, and I found myself writing a journal entry to my TA as part of a class. I decided to upload one copy using this Cthulhu document, in celebration of Halloween.

I uploaded a sanitized version for you to enjoy.

For the record, I don’t really take them very seriously anymore, as is probably obvious, but feel free to point out any errors you see; I gave up on editing them when I found I was putting six times the work into them as anyone else in the class.

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Participating In Class

Well, I don’t really have much time to think about gaming as of late, so I’m going to stop trying to be a cool and professional gaming blog for now and toss up a rant about class. This is something that has been bugging me since first year so listen ye well:

Answering questions in class. I do it a lot, to much probably. However I can’t stand sitting silently, waiting for someone, anyone to answer. Even if I get the answer wrong the prof will correct me and start talking again, and I learn from the mistake. While I’m sitting there for 30 seconds waiting for someone to finally speak up I’m not learning. I get answers wrong all the time, but it lets the lecture move on. No one is going to think you stupid if you get a question wrong. The prof probably also doesn’t mind it, unless your very confused and take a long time to straighten out, at which point you should just say that you’d like to talk to them after class. Even if you get the answer completely wrong it at least shows your awake and paying attention.

I also ask a lot of questions in class. When I was in first year some people posted in a class discussion board a post asking me (indirectly) to stop and accusing me of just trying to look smart. I will sometimes ask questions if I understand something mostly, but want to make sure of it, but the rest of the time I am usually confused. I talked to people around me who answered with something along the lines of ‘No! When you ask questions everything makes sense!’ It seems I asked the questions everyone was thinking, but no one wanted to look stupid asking. Especially when I’d ask really simple stuff: I’m a fairly smart guy (Not a straight A student, but pretty close- Even closer if you ignore my 1st year marks) so if I’m confused on something basic there is usually at least a few other people confused on the same thing: I’m just the one with the guts to ask the prof.

Is it that hard to speak up in class? I’m a geek so I have no fear of not looking cool or looking stupid: That is my natural state! But still, it doesn’t take much, but people seems to fear it. I had a class last year where the prof got tired of the same tiny group of us answering questions and so starting picking off the class list (Can’t remember how, might have been alphabetically) and he stopped after a couple of days as people would stop coming to the lectures so they wouldn’t have to speak in class! I mean, common people! I’ve spoken in class a lot of times and never had the roof fall on me!

In a lecture hall of 150 people I shouldn’t be the ONLY one answering questions. There are usually 2-3 of us that answer enough questions the prof stops taking our answers and then we sit for ages and ages until someone else answers. Speak up people! It is not that hard! I mean, I know in some other subjects (A friend’s stories of his commerce professors come to mind) there are a lot of judgmental professors, but I’ve found that everyone in the hard sciences KNOWS this is hard work, and are usually glad people are awake in the lecture. I mean, typically only 2/3s of us come to the class, so your already in his good books for showing up! Speak up a bit and they might remember you. Think about it: When he or she is grading the final and there is that one mark they are unsure if you deserve, are they more likely to give it to the person who was interested in class and asked questions or the person who they vaguely remember sitting in the back row?

Anyway, that is my rant, Until next time, Stay Geeky!


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