Let Me Tell You About My Character: McCord (Serenity)

This is a character I’m going to be running in Ada’s Serenity game. I don’t have a first name yet and someone else is doing my stats. I’ll be updating the stats and story as I work on them. Feel free to comment on how I could improve him, background or stat-wise.

McCord started out as a small trader. His home planet, Redwood, wasn’t on the rim, but it sure wasn’t a core world. He ran a small shop selling tools and did it well. He gradually bought up some other shops in nearby towns, focusing on getting basic, good tools. He discovered he could sell basic goods such as shovels for a fortune to the outer worlds. He started buying them cheaply from his suppliers then selling them at a fair mark-up on the outer worlds. He met a lot of ship captains and a lot of grateful farmers and miners. He insisted on running his own ship a lot of the time, refusing to run any business he didn’t understand. He always made sure to do his fair share of the work, even learning gunplay to help defend his goods. Then came the war, and he stayed carefully neutral, refusing to carry goods for either side. He survived the war, carrying food and basic goods to devastated worlds, sometimes at a loss. However, in the aftermath an alliance bureaucrat ruled that his shovels had built alliance trenches and ignored all evidence that he’d sold them to reputable local stores. His business was stripped from him and given to a massive corporation that has proceeded to charge massive prices for everything as they are now the only supplier. He asked around and found that right after they finished stealing his company that bureaucrat retired and took a job on the corporation’s board of directors. He called in some favours, scrapped up his personal savings and bought an old firefly and a load of basic goods. He found some friends and put together a crew. Now starting over on the outer worlds, he’s pretty sure the alliance was Browncoats were right, and is just a little bitter about doing so.

Captain McCord
Veteran | Personality: Rough and Tumble Trader
Agility      : D8
Strength     : D8
Vitality     : D8
Alertness    : D10
Intelligence : D10
Willpower    : D10
Initiative : D8+D10
Life Points : 18

Nose for Trouble (Minor)
Friends in Low Places (Minor)
Trustworthy Gut (Minor)

Memorable (Minor) (No sure about this one)
Branded (Major) (Oh yeah, I’m in alliance records)
Loyal (Minor)
Credo (Major) (What does this do? I have some sort of code of ethics?)
(Can we add a bias/dislike of Alliance Bureaucrats? Heck, can be all Bureaucrats if needed) Prejudiced (Minor) – Alliance (Bureaucrats)? What would Major do?
Animal Handling        D2
Artistry               D0
Athletics              D6
Covert                 D4
Craft                  D0
Discipline             D4
Guns                   D6
+–Pistols D10
Heavy Weapons          D0
Influence              D6
Knowledge              D4
Linguist               D2
Mechanical Engineering D2
Medical Expertise      D2
Melee Weapon Combat    D4
Perception             D6
+–Intuition D8
Performance            D0
Pilot                  D2
Planetary Vehicle      D2 (Can we bump this up if my new bias gets me points?)
Ranged Weapons         D0
Scientific Expertise   D0
Survival               D4
Technical Engineering  D2
Unarmed Combat         D4

Edit: Here is my original post on McCord:

Mmmm, I’m thinking some sort of merchant, neutral in the war that was hit hard by trading with the enemy punishments and then driven under by a large corporation from the core systems. He packed up and bought/chipped in on/joined a ship and does what he can to survive. Learned a fair bit a gunplay to protect his goods out on the rim worlds, plenty of men that will try and take whats yours if you let ’em. Prehappes might know a few folkes from his time as a merchant, might know a few that need cargo moved. And a course, he knows how to drive a good bargin after all these years. (Is that possible to do? Skilled w/ small arms, some contacts and lots of barganing and lie detection, no so much on the social niceties or fancy knowledge?)

Edit: Added another line to his character description.

Edit2: I know own the Serenity rule book and have rewritten his stats based on it. I’ve also modified him a little as roleplay happened (For example I wanted him to be Ambidextrous so I took Two-Fisted) anyway, the updated post is here.