An IRC Game: Tomato, Tomahto.

I am a fan of Apples to Apples, a lovely party game that is fast and not particularly geeky. The rules are so simple that what you are really buying is the massive number of cards that come with it. I don’t get to play it, or most of my games, as much as I like. I’m also changing a lot of the rules & doing it from memory so this should be at least as legal as a retroclone.

Any number of poeple can play. Each round one person is the ‘Caller’ and one person is the “Submitter”

At the start of the game each player gives every other player a word or phrase that is a physical object, place or person: A Talisman, a Warlock, A Dragon, Dune.

Then the Caller picks a feeling type word: Shiny, Sexy, Dangerous, Deadly and calls it out. Players must submit the word from there ‘hand’ that they think matches the best. They private message these to the Submitter who at the end of the round publicly broadcasts the words (so no one knows who’s word each is. The caller then picks the word he or she thinks is the best match on any criteria they choose. The person who’s word was chosen gains a point and a new round starts. The caller secretly gives each player a word then steps down. In the new round the submitter becomes the caller, the old caller becomes a normal player.

I recommend using alphabetical order to start & adding new players to the end. First person on the list is Caller, second is Submitter.

If you can’t think of anything for words try these:


A list of objects dropped on New Years Eve

A list of nouns

or the best idea: Hit the random page button on Wikipedia. If that doesn’t give you enough hits then try the list of recently edited pages

For Adjectives there are word lists

Or you could buy Apples to Apples and just use cards from that….

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