My New Campagin: Modern Dungeon Crawling with Dungeonslayers

I’ve been thinking of running an online game of Dungeonslayers this summer if I can find enough interested players. I’m going to start putting more work into this once I am done exams (end of the week), but am starting to put thought into it during my study breaks.

I’ve been a fan of modern dungeon crawling ideas since I heard about XCrawl, though I was reasonably disappointed in the book and setting when I read them (Great ideas, poor implementation –though latter books improved it a fair bit) and have done some writing on the topic.

I was looking at the dungeons posted and was thinking that it might be fun to mix things up by adding in a modern twist.

I’ve started writing up a bit of background. I’ve used some ideas from X-Crawl, some of my own and random bits from a couple of other places.

Gladiatorial matches have long been a staple of the Empire. For years gladiatorial matches have been popular on television. Recently a small arena owner, bored of traditional events set up an obstacle course filled with lethal traps and several monsters in mini-arenas. The event was huge, and the sport of Dungeonslayers was born. The mazes quickly evolved into full blown dungeons, more monsters were added, each slayer has dozens of statistics tabulated and compiled after each dungeon and managers, bookies and fans pay pour over these numbers. Slayers start in simple dungeons made of plywood, scrap metal and concrete slaying rats and spiders, and if they live eventually face demons and dragons in recreation dungeons in front of live audiences of half a million. Guns are not allowed in the dungeons as it makes it far to hard to have a live audience, but a fair amount of other things are allowed.

Dungeons would be similar to normal, but the traps may use modern mechanisms and there is of course live commentary and occasional anachronisms. Guns are not allowed in dungeons as it makes it too hard to have live audiences. I am also thinking that a a late 80s-early 90s level of technology would work quite well- TV is big, possibly some BBSes, but less gadgets and whatnot for players to want me to rule on, while at the same time being familiar enough to me to be comfortable with it. Magic replaces technology in some instances, however due to black boxing no one really cares about which is which.

Any suggestions on using Dungeonslayers for this? Ideas for me to put in my dungeons? What about converting traditional fantasy dungeons to have a live-sports feel? Heck, would anyone be interested in playing? I’ve not worked out times or medium or whatnot yet, but I can start work on that once I have preliminary expressions of interest.

Well, sorry for the long gap between posts, school distracted me for a while. I’ll try to post more regularly after exams. I’ve got my first ever blog recommendation coming up, which I meant to write up oh, a few months ago and got busy. Anyway, until next time, Stay Geeky.


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  1. Have you read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? If not, you probably should.

    Sounds like a cool setting, though. Are you going to use true “magic,” or some kind of technological or alien power source? Psionics? Does it matter?

    I will definitely follow along to see where this goes.

    • True magic. It is basically going to be a D&D setting advanced by a few hundred or thousand years until it reaches our level. Magic is now being analyzed as a science, but I could see a few B.Sc(Aracana) people who don’t want to move on to an M.Sc(Arcana) or whatever and don’t want to be a lab assistant going into the arena. Yeah, as a 4th year science major I’m seeing a lot of people panicking about jobs and whatnot right now. Heck, I just found out that a masters student gets paid $20k/y. I could see some magical grad students going into debt and trying the dungeons as a way to escape it. I might add psionics if the rules come out for it and make sense as it is a SFish setting, which I don’t mind mixing.

      I have not read it, not the Stephen King books people talked about when I first started blogging about this.

      • Yeah, as someone with a BFA (Theatre) I can relate.

        I love the idea of graduate students of magic working at Starbucks. Or what if the cameraman in the arena is paying off his student loan for his Masters in Arcana? Might be quite a surprise for the players if they accidentally hit him during combat, and then he comes back at them with a lightning bolt.

        • The idea came to me from watching friends with general economics, religious studies or philosophy degrees try to find work after graduating.

  2. I’m not familiar with Dungeonslayers but it sounds like an interesting idea. Is it a world where magic has replaced technology, or one where magic was “rediscovered”?

    • Dungeonslayers is a traditional fantasy RPG. Like a retroclone in terms of rules-lightness but very modern, no odd nostalgia or whatnot. I’ve gone an added in some X-Crawl, some ideas I got from an old Dungeon article (Greyhawk 2000) and other stuff to make it more modern.

      I’m thinking a world were magic and technology have grown up alongside one another and most people can’t tell the difference. How many people would be able to tell if you replaced there computer with a magic box that did the same thing?

      I’ve been thinking of having the nation being at warm and not doing so well, with the Dungeons being a way to keep the populace happy, but I can’t see them wasting valuable people in a dungeon then. Possibly an economic collapse or something like that…

  3. […] (Ie Dungeonslayers meets X-Crawl) I’ve blogged about this one a lot before, specifically when I first mentioned my summer game. To recap: The players are sports starts who descend into short, premade dungeons before a live and […]

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